Craft Deprived

Oh my word. This neglected blog has become super boring. In the future, I promise less classroom-related posts, and more of what it was before I turned into a Montessori teacher. A little late, but here are some photos of some custom wedding planners I did for Chris’s adorable cousin, Kimmy:

An address book in her wedding colors.

And a day planner. This is the first planner I’ve done, and I loved how it turned out.

I promised myself today that if I get all my report card grades in, and I get myself organized for conferences tomorrow, that I can do a small craft project. (I’ve been itching to have time for crafting for a few weeks now, but I always end up feeling guilty for spending time on crafts instead of on curriculum.) I want to put together a small frame wall in Chris and I’s bedroom. We have a weird empty wall in our room that would look perfect with a collage of frames and photos. Here’s my inspiration:

Modifications: Much smaller scale, using a combination of our bedroom colors: avacado, black, and white, and incorporate some fun paper prints. I also think I want to use old and new photos of our families, as well as a few artsy pictures of our dogs (of course).

Photos to come of the finished project. Now, off to get this school work done so I can actually accomplish this project!

Love and hugs to all of you.


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